Me in the "wild"

Hi there! Welcome to my little bubble on the net. Here’s a bit about me. [Explain Like I’m 5]

I make photorealistic holograms from light fields using a combination of geometric computer vision, deep learning, and classical image processing. In my previous lives, among other things, I've worked on:

I received my Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in the Electrical & Computer Engineering department in 2018. I was advised by Prof. José M.F. Moura. I received my B.S. and M.Eng. degrees in Electrical Science and Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013. I was advised by Vivek K. Goyal.

I enjoy playing tennis, violin, chess, and other board games at an amateur level. I fold origami and dabble in other miscellaneous artsy media. I also more recently started jumping, picked up rock climbing, and got into windsurfing.